ARC340-PLC Arc Spray System

ARC340-PLC Arcspray

The Metallisation ARC340-PLC twin wire arc spray system is the preferred choice for general engineering applications. It is ideally suited to tool post and automation mounted applications with occasional requirements for hand spraying. The proven ARC340 pistol is now combined with a new range of PLC controlled, 250A and 350A switched voltage energisers.

The ARC340-PLC system with a S250, 250A energiser is ideally suited to many engineering applications. However, for some larger scale applications where a higher throughput is required, the S350, 350A energiser will enable higher spray rates and increased productivity. The ARC340 is capable of spraying anti-corrosion coatings also but may not be the most suitable solution for these applications. Alternative, more suitable systems could be the ARC140, ARC701 or ARC170 systems.

The PLC controller within the sealed electronics area of the energiser enables easy fault finding and offer over-current protection for the system. This means that the system will protect itself in the event of operator error when setting up spray parameters. The ARC340 pistol on its own supersedes and can be fitted as a direct replacement to the ARC234, ARC240 and ARC375 pistols. With fairly minimal modifications, it can also be fitted to some competitor pull systems.


  • Engineering coatings
  • Reclaiming parts
  • Bearing and seal surfaces
  • Print rollers
  • Anti-spark coatings
  • Wear coatings
  • Small anti-corrosion applications


  • PLC controlled energisers = reliabilty
  • Over-current protection
  • Air driven pull system
  • Air cooled or solid cables
  • Easy to maintain
  • Uses wires from 1.6-2.3mm dia. without changing feed rollers
  • Choice of coating textures
  • Optional Arcbeam spray concentrator
  • Optional deflected spray extension sections
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